Social bookmarks' review - version 3.5

Version 3.5 of my well-known charts is out. It is an interim version, again with 19 services included.

What’s new?

  • some mistakes have been corrected
  • updates (especially, Connotea, Netvouz and Simpy) have been implemented
  • services that don’t save a copy are sorted alphabetically (Simpy is – in my eyes – an exception)
  • one more aspect has been added: Tag cloud (this point will be extended in version 4)

The next edition (version 4) will contain at least three more services (Shadows, StumbleUpon and myYahoo). Version 4 will rearrange contents and contain a lot of more aspects, among them questions like

  • Post form WWW interface (e.g. from a public terminal)
  • See most popular links
  • Kinds of bookmarklets: Pop-up, Non Pop-up, Link history
  • Toolbar features
  • Ignore users
  • Sort links by name…
  • …adding date
  • …visit date
  • …usage frequency
  • …rating
  • Link and tag management: Rename tags (for several bookmarks)…
  • …merge tags
  • …split tag
  • Show similar links in my collection
  • Two-word tags allowed
  • Select tags with typeahead feature…
  • …or click
  • …or check boxes
  • …or pulldown menu

Maybe there will be more aspects to add. We will see. And please: I don’t promise any release date, surely it will take several weeks or months. In the meantime, feel free to sign my Frappr and participate in my poll. Before the next edition I would like to contact every service to give them the chance to rectify these charts.

Get the document here (PDF, 125 KB).

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