10 Gründe für OpenOffice

Das hatten wir auch schon einmal. Bei Resolvo gibt es jetzt ein CBT (Computer Based Training) zum Thema, mit den folgenden zehn Punkten als Argumentationshilfe für die Nutzung dieser Software.

1. OpenOffice.org: free. Microsoft Office : up to USD$499. Unrestricted by Microsoft’s control. 2. Able to read files in Microsoft format without paying for it. 3. Compatible with outdated files like MS Office 97 files. 4. Save the money on other more important areas rather than spending it on office suites. 5. It’s the best drawing program you’ve never used with 3D features, Visio-like connector tools, text manipulation, etc. 6. No muss, no fuss data sources for mail merge, etc. Only require Customer list. 7. No need to worry about license, software audit and Business Software Alliance (BSA). 8. OpenOffice.org files are in XML format and would remain small despite heavy duty writing or graphics importing. 9. It’s a great principle and a great reality. Open standards. Nobody has a stranglehold on anyone else. Nobody in Redmond controls anything you do. This is the way a software should be. And is. 10. There are more than 50 million downloads and it is growing. It can’t be wrong with 50 million people.
Achja, das CBT ist für Home Users kostenlos und ist sowohl statisch als auch im Flashformat verfügbar.

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